We all know them, don’t we? Those authors (other services are available) who post nothing on Social Media but their own publicity.

Don’t worry – this isn’t one of my Do/Don’t rants. Self-publicity 101 – no, it isn’t. Promise.

Polite little girl.

But you do know who I mean, don’t you? The ones who fly by, sprinkling the glitter of their promo & latest sales figures over us like holy water…with the reaction of as if we give a damn?

We also know the golden rule. If you aren’t prepared to engage socially, don’t bother. To misquote my mother “If you cannot

say anything interesting (as in “other than your books”) don’t say anything at all”. Of course it’s a fine line to tread and many of us get it wrong, me included. I tend to go the other way and treat FB as a communal coffee-room where I can share far more of my personal life than most of you ever wanted to know. Mrs. TMI par excellence.

Any of you who know me on FB also know that I’m a person of principles. I carry my soap-box around and jump on it at every opportunity. My two biggest campaigns are animal welfare and good manners.

The analogy of social media as a party is a good one, so the kind of courtesy you would show to other guests is exactly the same sort as should be extended to other users.

This is why I am not very visible on-line at the moment. I tend to stand on my principles until my feet hurt so, as I cannot interact much due to migraines and silly eyes, I am refraining from charging in to dole out publicity, even though I have a book launch at the end of the month.

I miss my friends, I miss the chatter and I’m sure my publishers are missing my advertising so I’ll pop a wee hint at the end of this blog post. Forgive me for not being at the party, but if one is too sick to go, one has no right to ask for a doggy bag to be kept. Right?

Back sometime when staring at the screen doesn’t “do my head in, man”.


Alchemy, the prequel to Shaman’s Drum, due out 31st January.

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