Christmas mugging!

Love mug
Tasteful heart

In the festive mood, I’m going to offer a present to a randomly picked reader who comments on this post.

You can have my ugly mug for Christmas. Or you could go for a tasteful heart.

mouse mat
Or my ugly mug?

Just post which one you would prefer and why …. the more insulting the better. I’m thick-skinned.

Just comment and in a few days I’ll get the Ancient Mariner to pick a name from my hand-knitted Icelandic helmet.

So go on …. face or heart?

I may even give a surprise pressie to the person who makes me laugh most.

Digital Camera
The hat from which……

You could also click on the link on the right and buy a copy of Shaman’s Drum if you haven’t already got one!

Please note that the mug is only available to post to Europe. American readers could win a pen and a copy of “Four Go Mad in Catalonia”

9 thoughts on “Christmas mugging!

  1. You know, I really like a nice mug (of) Ailsa but it takes heart to get the details just perfect- simple and clearly stated, every sip a hearty one! 🙂

  2. As I am already the proud owner of your “mug” on a t-shirt I would love a heart on a mug to remind me of the laughs we have ( and as it’s Yuletide soon, I’m daring to be slightly soppy and say the love I feel from your friendship) *slaps self hard to restore appropriate sarky levels*

  3. OK – lovely replies. I am such a softie that ….. you ALL get a pressie!
    Nancy and Ouremuk66 get a mug, Jo gets a pen and 2ndwitch can order a hat from me. I will knit her one to her own design provided she posts a photo of it on FB.
    So contact me with your details and I’ll get them off to you for the New Year.
    Congratulations and Happy Festives to you all xxxx

  4. THE DRAW IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks for participating and watch out for our new venture PandA Promo which will be giving away loads of swag to celebrate our launch on January 4th.

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