The Bright Side.

As an antidote to being a miserable cow, I’m going to count my blessings today. No, all right I wasn’t, but I had to make a dismal litany of some of my health problems this week.

I have a lot be grateful for. Some of my American friends did a Gratitude Countdown to Thanksgiving which I missed so I’m going to catch up all in a go.CC sale

For a start off, you can still get an e-copy of Shaman’s Drum today for 99p. Final day of the sale and a chance for people to pick up my, and other brilliant Crooked Cat books at a knock-down price.

I started this year off my feet. Following an operation on my foot I was unable to walk and thought this would go on for six weeks. It ended up taking six months but that wasn’t so bad and made me very grateful for Badger, the Old Feller, who took good care of me.

Last time I wore a dress.
A gathering with my friends in Edinburgh

I’ve had two fantastic trips to the UK to visit friends and family. I can’t begin to tell you how uplifting those times are. A boost to the spirit.

The Old Feller and I have been away on a couple of short holidays in the caravan, one of which had a disastrous start but from which came a new novella, Four Go Mad In Catalonia.

If I have to think about how grateful I am, I only have to look at the comments on my note (see link above). So many kind and loving friends who have bolstered me up, listened to me moan and made me laugh.

I really am very blessed so I’m passing on a share – Yule Blessings to all and here is a copy of the Yule Card I designed this year.

May the returning sun bring warmth, joy and light into your life and a bountiful harvest in the year to come. Blessed be.

May the Holly Lord bring you joy.
May the Holly Lord bring you joy.

10 thoughts on “The Bright Side.

  1. You are a very special friend and have a kind heart as well as gentle, caring and wise soul.
    May the year ahead see your health improve, your heart filled with love and your soul filled with light.

      1. Ailsa, you are doing beautifully on the gratitude thingy, but you need to learn to accept compliments! Instead of arguing with them, you could just say, “Thank you for noticing!” It works a treat all around. A kind friend demonstrated that for me many years ago. 😉

  2. And a Merry Christmas to you too, Ailsa from the heart of my bottom…sorry, that should read from the bottom of my heart – I’ve been in France too long- I’m started to think just like them…in reverse!

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