Why I’m not on FB today.

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A perfect little piece of magic by ~ Lori Preush…. Can you tell me the story
Yes, Lori Preush, I can –

Here is how it all started. A beautiful picture shared  on FB today.  I couldn’t resist the urge when it was sent to me by my friend Di.

As you all know, the profile photo on FB is a fake, I’m only six really and I have lots of wonderful friends, one of whom is Aunt Attica, a huge polar bear. She came to me with a roll of parchment she had found on an old pirate ship that was stuck in the ice. Aunt Attica cannot read so she lumbered over to where I was dangling a stick in the water, seeing if the seals would pop their heads up to say hello. 

“It’s a treasure map, Auntie.” I told her.

“What is treasure, cub?”

“Lots of food.”

“We go now?”

Well you can’t really argue with a polar bear who is three times the height of you when you are only six years old and anyway I am a very curious child and I live in a strange land where it is almost always school holidays unless I feel like company, which isn’t very often. Aunt Attica lets me ride on her back when we are in a hurry because my little legs can’t keep up with her. At a fast trot she can outrun most grown ups so I climb up and sink my small fingers into the bulge of fat on her neck and bump, bump, wobble, wobble across the ice with my magical red hat which keeps all of me warm and was knitted and felted for me by my friend the Diddybear Lady who makes most wonderfully magical things.

I have a lot of work to do today but I can’t resist an adventure and as I am a trainee Pirate (I’m going to be the finest Sea She Wolf when I grow up, Captain Sparrow says so!) I owe it to my teachers to at least TRY and find the treasure. And that’s why I won’t be out to play today and if the school rings… well you can tell them that too, but they won’t believe you (I used that excuse before ha ha ha)

You see, it really is me in the picture but I am only 3 in this one!


7 thoughts on “Why I’m not on FB today.

  1. love this and yes please write a children’s book Ailsa, about a playful otter me thinks..bless you x

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