A story just for you

I’m proud to be involved with the Authors for the Philippines effort 

Many very talented authors, editors, publishers (and lil ole me) are offering their services in an on-line auction to raise money for the Red Cross Philippines Disaster Fund. All money will go to the cause, there are no paid administrators.

My own offering is a personalised short story. Perhaps a young friend would like to come down to the riverside and meet Otter and her friends (their name and anything special to them would be included) as a Christmas present?

Or an adult would appreciate a story hand-crafted for them? You tell me. A title, a photo, or just a situation and I will work around your specifications.

You can only bid on it through this link and the bidding ends on Wednesday 20th November, so please get your bids in now.

If you want to read some of Otter’s adventures, start here and keep on reading… maybe there are some adults who would like to come down to the riverbank and play?

Wanna come and play?
Wanna come and play?

2 thoughts on “A story just for you

    1. Exactly so. I’m already active in so many ways to help animals, I must make some effort for human beings with no food, water or shelter. This is why any help, whatever one can do, is essential.

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