EDIT or be Damned (Disappointed)

One of my articles that went, if not viral, gave the world a bit of a sniffle.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Ailsa Abrahams

Prompted by the Ape’s war-cry about publishing I thought I would put this down clearly and concisely. Yes, it exists all over the internet but maybe we need to hone it down to one sentence.

You don’t get anything for nothing.

You’ve written your book and your family love it, well that’s great but before you go firing off letters to publishers and agents, take a deep breath and consider for one moment that … it may not be perfect. Shock, horror! What you have just produced is a first draft. It needs work, polishing, criticism.

Well of course you can’t be bothered with that because as any fool knows, any fool can publish a book for nothing on line these days. And only a fool would go ahead and do this without taking the necessary steps to ensure it might have a slight chance of success.

Your book needs…

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