Mad social whirl

What a busy week it has been! My fellow Crooked Cat authors have been very hospitable and invited me over to their blogs

NancyNancy Jardine :

What a character he is! Come and meet Iamo, from Award nominated – Shaman’s Drum – by Ailsa Abraham, on Familiarise Friday! Iamo adored visiting Nancy and loves her books. He especially liked The Beltain Choice so he is looking forward to the sequel towards the end of the year. So much so that he has invited one of her characters to come and discuss the Yule festival on here. (I shall be serving tea, mead or whatever they decide to drink)

CatrionaCatriona King, amazingly productive author of the best-selling Belfast detective series featuring Marco Craig. She will be coming to chat to us in the Bingergread Cottage soon. Best break out the Guinness!!guest-author-page/c1j6v

So, then I got really cocky and made another promo video for Shaman’s Drum – well Halloween / Samhain is all about witches, demons and the Otherworld …. so when better to link to my tale of warring magic?

Samhain : Halloween video

But all this socialising is eating into time that I ought to be using for writing so excuse me while Iamo, Riga and I slip away to argue plot-lines and character development (they won’t let me get away with anything!)

Happy reading everyone and don’t forget that pagans celebrate Samhain – so Shaman’s Drum would be a great “between the worlds present”!

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