Thanks folks!

A post of two halves. Firstly I want to thank everyone who bought a copy of Shaman’s Drum during the Crooked Cat sale. Bless you all, you sent it shooting up the ratings which is a new experience to me (not that I understand these algowossits) So the flower at the top is a present.

Secondly it’s a problem of Genetics, not mine you understand, but the “genres” into which we are supposed to slot our books. It’s very unfortunate that we have to pigeon-hole our work because sometimes it does just not fit.

Take Shaman’s Drum – it’s futuristic in that it is set in “a few years’ time”. But say that to a potential reader and they are immediately going to assume it is Sci-Fi which it is not. It’s also a “romance” which could be anything from bodice-ripping swooners to modern, dizzy girl finds the man of her dreams overcoming almost impossible obstacles.

The book centres around paganism and magic but that also misleads browsing readers too. Magic tends to give an image of fantasy worlds (this is not), willowy maidens (absolutely NO) and misty, rose-coloured reflections of Celtic legend.

Unfortunately, we have to give our books a “genre” and there isn’t one for “Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter” which is the best classification a reader has given Shaman’s Drum.

If you look under “futuristic pagan romance”, Shaman’s Drum comes up as #1 in the genre. However, overall it got to the top 18 thousand in all books. Strange as this may seem, that is very good.

Please don’t ever let the classification put you off. I would not call myself a Chick-lit fan but I have read some just because I know the authors and I have enjoyed them. This is a plea to read an extract before you dismiss a book out of hand.

Although the sale is over, Shaman’s Drum is still very reasonably priced at Crooked Cat Books

Now you know to ignore the genre stickers – go and have a look!

5 thoughts on “Thanks folks!

  1. I do agree…I really struggled to know where to put mine. For a long time I felt compelled to call it children’s because the main protagonist is 7…but she dies… and age becomes entirely irrelevant. It’s not a children’s book, and I’ve been told by readers it’s a adult’s book, but readable by every age there is…who can read! When I wrote it, it was a labour of love, and I didn’t give genre a second thought. However the next book will fit YA, but hey, adults and bright kids can read it too!

  2. Well who would ever classify Wind in the Willows as a children’s book? I still read Beatrix Potter! It really is a bummer for those of us who write outside of accepted “norms”. Next time I will be pigeon-holing it nicely.

  3. Not only do some readers not take advantage of the excerpts provided, Ailso, but some reviewers on Amazon think they can review a book by reading the blurb…They are literally judging the book by it’s cover…Do us a favour read the free chapters at the very least, before you nail us to the cross….PLEASE!

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