Solstice Swag!

To celebrate the fact that Shaman’s Drum has been nominated for the People’s Choice Book Award and you can ALL  vote for it … I am giving away a load of swag……………

You can win a signed paperback copy of Shaman’s Drum Shaman's Drum 001

If you want to join me in  a cup of coffee…………… why not a mug?


Or if you want to write ……….. a pen? I did it, why not you?  pen

All you have to do is write a comment on this post, saying that you have voted for it in the People’s Book Award and there will be a draw for the winners.

To vote for Shaman’s Drum, go to this site and register your email address, receive your password and go back to vote.  Litha Blessings to you all … by the time you get the draw, I will be in Spain, writing like a loon under the awning of the caravan! The prequel is underway!

Update – due to a reduction in price, this swag draw has been extended to 10th July – more chances for more people to vote and enter – good luck! Ailsa xxx

12 thoughts on “Solstice Swag!

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