P is for Paraphernalia

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Like everybody else, as a newbie I got ALL the kit. Fortunately for my bank balance, there wasn’t an occult shop near me but I punished the plastic on-line and I scoured bric-a-brac shops. Friends who knew I had finally started taking my heritage seriously were kind enough to donate a dagger here, a sword there, incense burners and guess what? MOST OF IT IS UP IN THE LOFT!

 Having got back to the absolute basics now I find that my paraphernalia is down to two pendants that never leave my neck

 My Pentacle is sacred to me because it was given to me during my first initiation and I wore it during my ordination and even though I no longer practice Wicca, it carries a great deal of spiritual and magical weight.

 Paraphernalia 1 (1)

The little gold Triskell does two jobs. My husband gave it to me to celebrate my naturalisation as a Breton citizen. You must understand that Brittany is like Cornwall and does not count itself part of the mainland but a Celtic nation apart. So when I went to the Prefecture to receive my new papers, the Prefect (a nationalist) kissed me and welcomed me as “the newest Breton”. So I proudly wear Brittany’s national symbol.

 The Triskell is also a symbol of the triple goddess – maiden, mother, crone (or Magrat (note spelling), Ogg and Weatherwax if you wish) and I wear it to remind myself that I have passed through three of those phases and whoopee – made it to crone-hood in almost one piece!

 My other two bits of  paraphernalia that I still keep by me are my pendulums. One was a gift from my beloved aunt with the immortal words “Bloody thing will NOT work for me. No doubt it will chat to you like a mynah bird!’ which, of course, it does. She knew it would. I use my pendulums for guidance, asking question, finding lost things and also for confirming feelings I hParaphernalia 1 (2)ave about people or situations. The small crystal one is my travelling copy. I couldn’t dare lose the amethyst one – Auntie would kill me.

Yes, I still have an altar because it is  my practice to light candles and burn incense for my friends who need my thoughts and prayers. These days it is very functional. The top of a bookcase has my candlesticks, joss stick holders and a few gemstones plus a vase of feathers that I have picked up on my walks, gifts from my friends, the children of the air. And, yes, you can see Christian symbols on there too because many of the friends I am working for are Christian so I honour their traditions too. More on that in another post.

 Do I have a wand? Well of course I do! Two in fact – one from my old hazel bush in my garden in Brittany and one from my dragon willow tree out there in the garden. No Diagon Alley merchandise, just plain old bits of tree.

 So if anyone wants a box of witchy paraphernalia …. I have one in the loft!

8 thoughts on “P is for Paraphernalia

    1. Oh I have a reading cloth too – but I don’t mention my tarot any more! (blush) My crystal balls (all three of them) are up in the loft – couldn’t get on with them. Pendulums work much better for me.

  1. Thank you Richard – pendulums are strange beasts.Not only do they choose who they will work for, each moves in a different way, so it is necessary to ask “show me yes, show me no” when you start working with a new one.

  2. I don’t do any of the above but I do have a pendant which is similarly shaped to your amethyst one, Ailsa, but it was bought from ‘Eurasia Crafts’ store in Kelvinbridge, Glasgow round about 1973. I wore it almost constantly for years, along with my ‘kaftan hoodies’ (remember them from Tunisia etc) and I still occasionally let the pendant dangle (when the mood takes me)!

  3. *grins* I was lucky enough to read a book that advised me that the best tools are ones that you have made yourself or have special meaning to you.

    My altar is in the corner of my bedroom window sill. I have a gorgeous purple and green pottery chalice that has a dragon on it (I live in wales and love dragons, so very appropriate to me) several angel figures made of different crystals, a dream guardian bear made of coral and an amethyst wand…

    Those are the only bought items – I got them as presents from my partner and children.

    …There is also a Goddess statue that doubles as an incense holder, a rowan twig that looks like a divining rod, a stone with a fossil imprint in it, a red pebble that my daughter gave me when she was one, several feathers and a candle.

    The tools I use for rituals are held in a beautifully made wooden box. My dad made the wooden dishes and I made my wand from a rowan twig. I have lots of other things in it, all of them special for some reason and normally bought as presents!

    1. They all sound lovely – and like me, they all have a special resonance for you. I too was told to “get given” things by friends and my “travelling athame” (they don’t like you going around with breadknives) is a sweet little pocket knife my friend bought me for the purpose. How lovely to hear from a Sister BB xxxx

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