From Iamo’s Quill Pen

My wife informs me that we are expected to leave our messages in this book.

What can I say about my part in Shaman’s Drum? I did what I had to as an honorable man and one who has broken his troth once. People make such a fuss about me being willing to die for Riga. I do not understand this. Without her, the one who makes me whole, I am not complete…if she were to die, I would be nothing. So to die trying to save her was not a problem I had to consider.

Scribe, like most writers, does not realise how much of herself she reveals in her writing. While she may have “borrowed” my physique from somewhere else, in my personality she wrote her ideal.

Poor Scribe. May the Great Mother send her what she needs, if not in this incarnation then in the next. So mote it be!

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