When it isn’t

As I mentioned in a previous post about healing, one of the hardest lessons to learn is that it is not always possible (or desirable) to heal. Sometimes it is time for that person or animal to go and all I can do is ask that their passing is swift and painless.

Today was another of those lessons. It’s wonderful living in a very small community because it feels as if we are one big family (and like all families we don’t always get on!) but we all know each other. Even up at the medical centre, everyone is related. There are two doctors and the receptionist is Mum to one of them. She rang and asked me to make one of my “special” teddies for her niece who was ill.

These, of course, are poppets, little dollies into which I work healing energy. I made a bright, jolly wee Mexican in a poncho, wearing a sombrero and Mrs. M was delighted with him. The four-year-old would like having something colourful to play with in the hospital.

Of course, miracles don’t happen every day and I heard this evening that the wee mite died last week. No, it isn’t my fault. No, there was nothing I could do, it was her time and the decision was not mine to make. I’m a channel for energy, nothing more…but I still feel sad.

Despite having a son who is a doctor, Mrs. M had rung me at home to request one of my teddies and it failed her. So had modern medecine.

I journeyed this evening and sought out the spirit of the little girl who was running around, laughing and still clutching her teddy to her. We danced around a lot and then I sent her off with someone I trust very well. Someone who has been in Spirit for a very long time and I know he’ll look after her. Of course he will, he was separated from his own little girl when she was that age.

And now … as they say, physician heal thyself.

2 thoughts on “When it isn’t

  1. Least I could do, and …. THIS is why I get mildly cross with people who refuse to see anything but the “fluffy” side of this kind of work. No, it gets hard and difficult sometimes! I’m fine thanks – that’s my job – do the work, cry a bit and then move onto the next one. BB

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