A blessing

A first!

I’ve just been out for a gentle stroll on my crutches on my own for the first time since leaving hospital.  Yesterday the water in our river was nearly up to the top of the arches on the bridge, so I thought, as my partner and the hounds had pushed off to town, I would amble down to take a look for myself.

It is a beautiful, bright day for a change. The rain has stopped and it’s mild. An inspiration came to me that, being slowed down, walking gingerly on my Das Boot corrective shoe and crutches is given to me for a reason. I have to take my time. In doing so, I have a lot more opportunity to really look…one sees so much more when one is going very slowly. That is a blessed lesson for me today. Often I’m rushing around so much that I miss what Spirit is trying to show me.

Peering over the bridge, I greeted the water spirits and thanked them for not flooding the houses. The level is now back down to half way up the arches. I glanced up and said “Good morning” to the Mother statue on the hill, even murmuring her prayer here – the Ave, which is only another way of greeting the Universal feminine energy.

A deep breath of fresh air which I have missed, being cooped up in the house, was a thanksgiving to that element. A great tit, cheeped at me from a nearby tree and I took that as a blessing of the Air, through one of its little babies.

Turning my face to the sky I rejoiced that the Solstice is past, the days are growing longer and that Spring will come, both our own internal spring of rebirth and the waking of the land. The earth felt solid beneath my unstable feet as if inviting me to trust, have faith and know that I am being held up by strong forces.

Neighbours passed in their cars, probably dashing up to the shops to finish their last minute Christmas shopping. I hope my wave and big smile to them was a blessing too – I’ll take it slowly for all of us, friends, because I know you are busy and I’ll spread a blessing of peace all over the little village under the hill. Tonight you’ll be sitting down to an enormous meal with as many of your family as you can gather, like a mother hen guarding her chicks under her wings….but the Mother on the hill and I will be watching over you quietly and sending you blessings of peace for your celebrations.

Otters love rivers!
Otters love rivers!

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