Unexpected places

I’m often amused by books and web-sites that give the impression that to practice “magic” (or even worse “magick”) you have to be in a special place, wearing special clothes and using special instruments on which you have spent a minor fortune in your local oogie woogie shop.

The truth is that the “special place” is in your own spirit and once you know how to get there, it’s easy peasy.

I didn’t expect to be practicing any kind of magic in the hospital, but that was silly on my part because I should know by now that I can be called on to use my skills at any time and in any place.

Firstly, the nurses forgot to give me a pre-med. While I’m not a doctor, I did used to be a veterinary  nurse and I guessed that even with an epidural, I ought to have got a pre-med tablet to make sure I was relaxed which would make the anaesthetist’s job easier. No matter. I spent an hour meditating and doing reiki on myself. I called up my power animal and my spirit guide and asked them to come with me into the op room and stay by me. They were happy to do so. Then I looked at my laptop and saw all the good wishes, hugs and love sent by my on-line friends and I transformed them into butterflies. So, lying wide awake in the ops room I had my two closest guides with me, a host of butterflies flitting around the room and a dear friend in the form of a snowy owl perched near the ceiling watching over me.

Once back in my room, the old lady sharing with me started to open up to me. She wanted to talk, so I spent a long time listening to her. When she left, she came over to kiss me goodbye and made sure she had my telephone number to stay in touch. The next person who came in to share had a bad marriage, she was not only scared about her operation but very sad about the way her life was going, so I found myself doing a bit of headology on her too. I’m expecting a phone call from her too.

The wonderful atmosphere of all the butterflies etc communicated itself to the rest of the staff and I got kissed by the physiotherapist and the surgeon before I left – there are no special places, just give out what you wish to get back. Simples!

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4 thoughts on “Unexpected places

  1. Sounds like you managed to turn what could be a pretty awful experience into something very uplifting, and not just for you either. Nice one 🙂 you bring smiles with you where’er you go xoxo

    1. It was a wonderful experience and … it’s a cliché because it’s true, you only get out what you put in and if you go around being a miserable git all the time,that’s exactly what you’ll receive in return! If you trail butterflies around you, people smile back.

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