Somebody has to…. a kind of healing

I’ve known a lot of witches in my life and many of them have all kind of great aspirations but I’ve accepted that I was chosen as the Goddess’ undertaker. Yup, you heard me right – the Priestess who performs the crossing-over ceremony for animals.

It’s not glamourous. It’s no more aspirational than my habit of stopping to remove dead creatures from the road, say a prayer over them and leave them to sleep in peace by the roadside rather than be run over again and again, but somebody has to do it and it looks like me.

Today a dear friend lost her beloved Hound so I almost dared not look behind me because I knew he’d be there in spirit, waiting for me to do my job. There he was, a spirit dog, looking weak and panting, so I moved into spirit, asked my spirit animal to come with me and we set off, down a long dark lane. The trees met overhead and the sun was dying. The poor dog dragged himself along beside me while I muttered comforting things to him.

Then out of the trees stepped an old lady, bent, leaning on a stick and holding her hand out to me. Gratefully, I passed his lead over to her and instantly the dog was bright, lively, waiting for the “old lady” to take him for a good long walk. I bowed low and said my thanks and when I stood, the old lady was striding out like a young woman, her cloak billowing behind her as she walked the dog to his new home.

Blessed be.

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